Can't find RAID setup on XFX motherboard

Hi, I have an XFX SLI motherboard for my new dual 8800GTX setup. Well I got everything installed and it loads up the BIOS screen just fine. Now I also have 2 Western Digital Raptor drives and I want to do a RAID 1, but I can't find the area in the BIOS to set that up. Could anyone give me a pointer in the right direction? Thanks.
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  1. The XFX board is an nvidia 680i chipset because I'm doing an 8800GTX SLI setup.

    I didn't see the RAID in the BIOS menu at all...
  2. if its at all like some other motherboards, raid could be going by another name, such as scsi (or something similar to that effect)... if you refer to the manual (downloadable pdf?), that would probably point you in the right direction too
  3. Raid is often in a separate menu, not in the bios. Look in the back of the manual to see if it's something like F4 at the XFX screen or something.
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