i need a cd/dvd rom drive and a WRITER DRIVE HELPPPP

ordering my new computer veryyyy soon, like 2 days and i totally forgot i need these two things.

i know this will sound totally noobish but i need a drive to insert the cd/dvd into (must be able to play dvd's) and another to burn CD's.

i dont know whats best in this category but please help and what are best companies...i know a dc/dvd rom drive is just a cd/dvd rom drive but i would rather spend $5-$30 extra on something more reliable and worthy.

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  1. What you want is 2 dvd "burners", they will read and write cd's as well as read and write dvds. What you need to know is, does your computer have an "ide" interface on the motherboard or "sata" or both because there are 2 types of cables that go between the motherboard and the dvd drives, and your drive has to match what the board has. There are also models that plug into your usb ports on the computer but those are more money.

    Anyhow, a dvd writer will read AND write DVD's AND cd's.
  2. Hi stevens5,

    Check out NewEgg site, read the reviews on the DVD Burners, Top sellers and which one you like.

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