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I bought a laptop with an illegal copy of windows on it

i bought a lap top from cash converters uk, it turns out that its running an illegal copy of vista, what can i do
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    Go back and ask for a refund,or installation of a legit copy. Tell them you will go to trading standards if it is not resolved to your satisfaction(Trading standards are pretty good at sorting things out)
  2. I agree. If they do not want to comply, report them to the proper authorites or at least threaten to do so to get the ball rolling on getting a legit copy of Vista installed.
  3. If cash converters in the UK are anything like in Australia, they are not a good place to buy from and not even very cheap. I have seen 3 year old printers there for more then a new one.
    As others say get a refund or get them to supply a legal OS.
  4. Your right Jonmor68, there are better places to buy from. The Uk is like Australia
  5. if the laptop has a cd key on it you can phone windows and do a verification my os said this after doing a fresh install and once i had done this is was ok failing that trading standards if you cant get a refund
  6. Hi Nicho - anything illegal is just asking for trouble. I just recently bought a notebook from a Portsmouth based company which is great cos i had to phone to guy about starting it up and he talked me through the process and was so knowledgable and friendly that my mate bought a laptop from them and they deliver free! have a look on http:/www.**** hope this helps.
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