MSI P6N Diamond-doesnt recognize built in sound(Xf-i)

I just got my mobo(MSI P6N Diamond) back. (I had to RMA the first one becuase it cought on fire.) I installed it and everything was fine. it posted, i installed xp, and setup my internet. I went to install the drivers for the built in Xf-i sound card and it says that it is not recognizing any creative xf-i installed. THE sound card is built into the mobo!! This is a gaming rig, and sound is pretty important to me. I paid the $300 for this board becuase it has 4 Pcie x16 slots AND a built in sound card. I bought 5.1 surround speakers(logitech x-530) and it doesnt work :non: . under the control panel and under sound and speech options it says that there are no audio devices. If anyone has had this problem or has any ideas, please post your thoughts, i am very grateful
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  1. Hi I had exactly this problem but I figured out that the on board sound was disabled in the bios by default which is a bit dumb. you just need to enable it first then it will work fine.
  2. The first thing I would do is check to see if it's turned on/enabled.
  3. That was the problem. thanks.
  4. Hi, I have the same exact problem with the x-fi sound card being disabled on my new MSI P6n Diamond. I had checked the bios to see if it could be enabled, but could not find any means of doing so. Where or how can I enable the onboard audio?
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