That was scary, what did I do wrong?

Ok I just attempted my first ever overclock of my cpu, which is an amd x2 4200 because i'm not that confident I used the program clockgen and changed it so that the CPU said 2422 (before it was 2214) and the FSB said 220 (before it was 201) now i'm a noob and so I had no idea what those meant and so to test it for stability I ran oblivion thinking I could do the multiply items glitch and have it thinking about several hundred wine bottles' physics however I never reached that stage because I got a BSOD on the loading screen for it and so I must ask, what did I do wrong? (I probably messed everything up but i'd still like to know) pls explain in N00B terms
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  1. People don't always reply within 30 min of a post, deal with it.

    Or when someone asks for Noob advice in a forum that has a sticky called "A newbie’s guide to Overclocking an Athlon XP CPU"... you might be waiting a while for someone to help you out.

    You might also want to read the P4 and Core 2 Duo/Quad guides if your stuck on something in the Athlon one. The basics to Overclocking is the same regardless if you have AMD or Intel-Inside so any of the basic guides will help you get started.

    Also, see how I use paragraphs, commas, and even periods. They make a post so much easier to follow, so if you want someone to take the time to help you, it doesn't hurt to make it easier for them.

    Disclamer: My AMD/Intel overclocking comment was directed at the beginner overclocker - and thus related to things like: Vcore, Heat production, FSB, and CPU multipliers. Not extreme OC-ing, but that isn't covered in those guides anyways.
  2. Hey spuddyt what happned to ur system can mean a lot of things...first of
    all Can your RAM take that OC u just sure its the RAM cause K8s can do much better than a 200MHz overclock, you might want to lower the DRAM frequency from the bios before OCing, and dont use Windows programs to do overclocking...use the bios instead. and do read all the articles about overclocking on this forum, they will help u a lot.
  3. ok, I am just a little bit scared of screwing things up and the bios is a little intimidating
  4. Try oc'ing in smaller increments.
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