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Windows 7 Bootable Flash Drive

Hello I just made a Bootable flash drive that has Windows 7 on it, the question I have can I add other files and programs to the flash drive or would that be a conflict let me know.

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  1. What kind of files?
  2. Other utilities files, maintenance, anti virus, partion magic etc
  3. U can try to Insert Multiple ISO Images Into Single Multiboot USB / ISO File With XBoot
  4. The application worked flawlessly on our Windows 7 x64 testing system. It supports Windows XP/Vista/7, and requires Net Framework 4.0.
  5. Hello

    Thanks that helped a lot.
  6. I use also Hiren's BootCD From USB Flash Drive (USB Pen Drive)
    Its pre-loaded wit zillion programs, that resurrects dead PC's : )

    IMHO its 1 of top 3 LiveCD's out there.
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  8. And if u wan't to make your own creation,

    try How to create and use a Live CD
  9. It did boot into Windows 7, but that's it. How do I make it to boot with the other Utilities that I have on the drive?
  10. What are u referring to?

    Post some more details on what u doing?
  11. Hello

    Sorry should have written the details first lol, at the moment I have the flash drive set to boot and it has Windows 7 Professional, and other files like the files you recommended, but when I try to boot the flash drive the only thing that boots up is the Windows 7, how I go about getting a menu for the rest of of the utilities on the disk. Need any more details please let me know.

  12. Hello

    I am making a multiboot flash drive and CD OR DVD. I work on many computers for family and friends and just made a bootable flash drive for Windows 7 Pro what other applications would be good to have. I am looking for the best if possible and freeware. I am wanting it for a flash drive and CD/DVD so please let me know what you all think is the best other than Windows 7 Pro. Thanks

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    Best tools for a multiboot flash drive and CD/DVD
  15. Dale, tell me what did u do, so 5 year old can understand : )

    What tool did u used?
  16. Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, for some reason the files I downloaded from the internet were already ISO files, but when I use this tool it says they are invalid iso files when I browse and try to add them from my download file on the computer.
  17. Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool is only for Windows!

    That's why I posted those other links for you ....
  18. OK other than the Win 7 one which one should I use. Do have Nero 11. So in our own opinion which one is the best one out there. I also have ImgBurn is that a good one, if not just let me know the best one that I should use.

  19. @nikorr: You provided some great info in this thread, thank you!!!
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  21. Thanks for the vote jale1966!
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