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I am absolute noob to over clocking and I am about to purchase a p35 ds3r gigabyte board. Along with this board I'll be getting the zalman 9500 cooler and a pair of 2.2v ram chips. My current processor is a e6400.

Can someone give me extremely detailed instructions in how to over clock my processor to run around a 2.8 speed? And what does the 5-5-5-12 or 4-4-4-12 speed means on the ram? I've read a few posts on how if you increase the voltage on rams they run more stable, but doing so will also increase the heat and shorten their life. Is it better to make them run at higher voltage or lower voltages?

I also have proper cooling in my whole system, but I am not sure if my board will be controlling the fans well. I was thinking of purchasing a fan controller for the entire board, but i'm pretty sure the p35 ds3r can control the case's fans right?

Last but not least, I would appreciate if someone gave me a brief explanation of the fsb. I heard if you increase that you increase the entire system's performance. How much is it normally on a computer? 333 266? And what can i reach to be stable? I'm not trying to punch my over clocking to the moon, but make it enter the atmosphere at a safe temperature and stability. Much thanks for all the help!
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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Front_side_bus#Overclocking

    Core 2 Duo's are very overclockable, but read into overclocking before you attempt anything - from my experience, playing guessing games doesn't get you very far and is relatively dangerous if you change the wrong thing, although mainboards these days are more retard tolerant.

    As for your other questions, an honest answer is I have no idea, I've never read into the latency on RAM, so I'm not sure what difference it makes, but I went for the cheaper version of the RAM with different latency for my Corsair Dominator RAM, just a small change in the latency for the two different module types doubled the price. So it must have a hefty effect on performance, I assume.

    The question about your case should be easily Googleable.
  2. Check out this thread at Overclock.net, it answers many of your questions;

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