Is transfering a program file the same as installing?

Heres the deal: I had a rather large mmo game installed on my moms laptop, and decided i wanted to transfer it to my computer because i have a better gpu. Anyway i just went into program files and copied the whole folder, and pasted it in my program file. Is this the same thing as it would be if i were to download the game directly to my pc and install it?

I ask because it runs terribly, really not at all on my pc. My moms laptop is vista, though, and mine is xp; could that have anything to do with it?
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  1. Installation normally involves more than simply copying files. For example, values might be added, or changed, in the Registry.

    Easy solution - download the installation file and try installing; if it still runs slow then your problem lies elsewhere.
  2. You can't really transfer a program from one computer to another. Not only does the installation program create a folder in Program Files it could also create registry entries, create shortcuts or put files in the Windows or Windows\System32 folder.
  3. Thanks for clarifying.
    Is there a way i could transfer the files to System 32? the reason why is because currently my internet is tethered through my cell phone, and downloading the game again would take forever.
  4. I'm afraid there's no easy way of knowing what files and registry settings are needed. Do you not have a friend who could download the file for you?
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