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Im looking for a program to back my data up. Im using windows 7 pro. Ive tried windows backup and didnt like that because it made a new image of my data partition everytime it ran. I tried acronis 2011 and didnt like that, after the first backup every other took more time than the first time to run.

im looking for a program to back my data up. any good suggestions?
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    Or equally great is a Clonezilla @
  2. When doing image backup, it will take the full image of the selected drive at first time. In the successive backup schedules, it will compare the previous backup content and the current data to find the difference int he drive since the last backup. Then, it will find out the changed blocks and create incremental image for that difference data. Because of this, it will take more time than the initial full backup.

    If you want to take backup of files (not the entire disk as image) or disk image, try the StoreGrid backup software.
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  3. Backup Maker (Personal Edition)
    GenieTimeline Free


    Take chance to get one here
  4. Give MyPC Backup a test drive. They are new to online storage scene but are doing great job of getting it right. One of its best feature is the unlimited storage space.
  5. is providing best platform for unlimited online data storage.
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