Screwed up PC - please help!

Hi, i got a new PC. I made it from all retail parts as i will detail later.
However there is a problem. At first the PC worked fine(ok, though irrelevent to this: I coulden't connect to my wireless compleatley and apparantly the 'device on high definition audio bus(or something)' driver haden't been installed when i installed the mobo stuff (I planned to try and sort those things out with re-installation of drivers etc)). But now just a few days into owning the PC, i turned it off last night normally, came to it this morning and it wont boot.

Futher Details:
The Box:
-mobo: Gigabyte GA-P35T-DQ6
-CPU: Intel QX6700
-RAM: Corsair XMS3 PC3-10666 DHX
-GPU: BFG OC2 nvidia8800 GTS
-optical: a CD-drive, a DVD-drive, and a floppy drive.
-PSU: Enermax Galaxy 850W.
- US robotics 802.11g wireless turbo PCI adapter (USR805416)
-cooling: 120mm fan exausht, intel standard CPU fan, 80mm intake fan.
-case: Coolermaster Cavalier (stands upright).
-Software: WinXP

The Problem:
I turn the power on at the plug and on the PSU, I then turn the PC on at the front and nothing happens just a repeated bust of two beeps from the powersupply and a red light at the back.

I looked up that 2-beep and red light thing in the PSU manual, it says it's from "Power supply abnormal, protection circuit activated. OR, Connection terminals are short circuited." I cant think why either of these things would have happened since I have got the PC to work near-perfectly before.

So next I looked inside the PC, I checked all the cables that I plugged into the motherboard when i installed it. Then I turned the PC on again, while the fans connected directally to the PSU started up for a second, the CPU fan that was taking its power from the mother board didn't start at all - not even a nudge of movement.

I looked for google for similar problems, i found that when someone unplugged the power to their motherboard, they found that it made the same alert.

So i conclude that something on my motherboard is screwed up. Maybe a plug from the PSU onto the mobo, maybe a more critical component (capasitor, CPU, RAM, who knows?). Is this conclusion right? Is the mobo where i should focus my attension? Either way, is there a way that anyone knows of that i could test what I have, or sort out the problem - normal installation pitfalls. I need to know what part needs replacing - so i dont have to replace the whole thing!
Also, out of the blue, is there someone who has experianced/overcome this problem before?

Thanks Leben.

PS: 1 - Sorry for any spellin\grammer problems I'm dslyexic and screw up in that department.
2 - If you where wondering, I'm writing this from my mums laptop that I borrowed as she went to work.
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  1. First of all unplug every component you don't need. Try to boot with CPU and 1 RAM stick only. Change stick and slot if that doesn't work.

    Reattach The power cables to the MB. check your wiring with the button connectors.
  2. First of all unplug every component you don't need. Try to boot with CPU and 1 RAM stick only. Change stick and slot if that doesn't work.

    Reattach The power cables to the MB. check your wiring with the button connectors.

    If that doesn't help it's most likely your PSU or your MB.

    (Forgive me if I ask; you have used the distance screws between case and MB? and there are no loose screws around lying on the MB?)
  3. There might be a short from the motherboard to the case, perhaps by using the wrong stand-off screws. Take the motherboard out of the case, put it on the anti-static envelope it came in(or a non-conductive surface). Try to power it up with minimum components. ( One stick of memory, vga card )
  4. Thanks loads for the help guys (and girls also if so). I tried it out of the case and with only 1 ram, the gpu, cpu, psu, and HD and it works. I am continuing to add more components and testing them 1-by-1.
    As far as I know the Mobo is mounted correctly as my old PC was in the same case - and that worked (appart from the heat killing it when I gamed (hence the new PC)).

    I checked for screws and loose things It's all cool, there's none, all seems fine i must have mis-plugged something or something like that.

    Again thanks, I am very grateful for your help, I'm happy now :).

  5. Also watch out for a defect cable either power or data. If a device does not work first swap cables. (And be grateful for your PSU for recognizing the short or whatever it is...)
  6. YAY i go tit to work, thanks 4 all ur help guys. I dont know what it was though, maybe cooling - i'll go water cooling soon so that should sort that out.
  7. Just read up on that. Be sure that you really need it before you buy...

    Graz that you fixed it...
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