Need to fix a broken external hard drive

I have a Simple Tech 250GB external hard drive which was dropped. I do not know much about these and have been told they can not be repaired. The data on the drive can not be replaced. It is of my units tour in Iraq and contains a 'yearbook' that was to be published for the unit.

I was told the ceramic disk has been jarred loose. When I turn it on it clicks and clunks.

Can anyone give me an idea of where I can get this repaired or at least retrieve the data?
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  1. Your best bet is to send the unit to a data recovery specialist. Dropped drives usually have some sort of physical damage that precludes attempting to use data recovery software.

    Try Seagate Recovery Services. Be prepared to spend $1000-$2000 to have the data recovered, if it's recoverable at all.
  2. i have the same hardrive and my sister drop it. ever thing work but the the usb connector on the hardrive. I think it got bent -in and when i plug the usb cord in to my computer the hardrive wont come up
  3. hey...did you ever get that fixed? i have the same problem as you right now
  4. no :cry:
  5. jinkers-

    Did you ever find a solution for your drive???

    I have a simple tech also and it just clicks when it is pluged in. it gets power because it lites up red but doesn't turn blue like it did when it would load. Maybe it flashes the blue for a second but my computer doesn't have time to reconize the drive. I also have some very important photos and other things i would really like to retrieve so if you or anyone has found a resolution for this issue Please let me know Thank you.
  6. We also had our external hard drive dropped. Can it be repaired or what's all on it retrieved?
  7. If an external USB drive simply quits working, there's a chance that the problem is in the USB interface. If that's the case, you can pull the drive and plug the bare drive into a computer.

    When a drive is dropped, all bets are off. Odds are that you will need to send the drive to a data recovery specialist along with a basket full of money.
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