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ok lets see if some one can help me i turn on my computer its gets to windows vista and then shuts off i tried safe mode same thing happens how do i get it to work i cant figure it out i tried everything i could and it will not load all the way i could so no i have to ask cause im lost here please help this computer is my prized posestion i have had it for 4 years i upgrade when it needs a upgrade and never shut it down while its upgrading so i have no clue what to do i just need help
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  1. Likely a hardware issue. Anything from hard drive failing to faulty RAM or a system short/failing power supply. Spare parts including hard drive, RAM, PSU, etc. would be required to troubleshoot potential faulty components. Maybe try posting this question in the Systems Forum and ask for any specific hardware related trouble shooting advice. Although not ideal for your situation, here is a troubleshooting guide of hardware related potential scenarios that could be the cause of the system shutdown.


    My suggestion would be to simply unplug the hard drive and then boot the system up and see if it does not crash. That would be a good indicator the hard drive has a problem. be sure to have the unit turn off before unplugging the hard drive.
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