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I was wondering what PSU Wattage I should be looking at for my system with 2*8800 Gtx's. Fairly standard otherwise, e6600, p182 case, asus striker, 1 raptor, 1 storage.
I have been recommended an 850w.. I thought that was a bit extreme, although I have ordered it to be on the safe side!

Sorry if it's in the wrong place, just thinking that it's the vga power requirements that'll be causing the problems...
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  1. If you could list the specific Brand and Model then we'd be able to inform on whether that it's sufficient. For an 8800GTX SLi setup an 850W gives you enough power to have a comfortable safe zone between the max power draw of your system and the max power your psu can deliver.

    While something under 850W by a quality brand name could handle that system if you have the money, which by the setup of your system you do, then get the 850W. While some may say you need a 1000W pus for your system that is hardly the truth. Compared to your other components you want the psu to be of equal performance/quality, the psu is something you don't want to skimp on.
  2. The one I've went for was a Silverstone,


    I was really asking the question as I have read a few people on here running with 650W and so on. I'm a believer in better safe than sorry!
  3. Thats a good PSU. Silverstone is one of the best. The 750watt version would also have been enough but if you already ordered it then thats ok too. Like you said, better safe then sorry...(when you have the extra money)
  4. Thanks for the replies guys! I feel a bit better now, always worry when I buy a new system that somethings not gonna be right!
  5. A rough estimate is:

    8800 GTX = 140 Watts x 2 = 280W
    Conroe Dual Core = 65Watts (ca go over 120W with overclock + voltage ...)
    Mobo + RAM = ~ 50Watts
    Raptor = ~30Watts

    When all system components are at 100% that would be 480 Watts. This is highly unlikely.

    Add a few hundred Watts to the total, so that when the system is fully loaded, the PSU runs at 70% or less. We're looking at a minimum requirement of 650-700 Watts, with around 50 Amps on the 12 Volt rail.

    edit: grammar
  6. Thanks Tony, that's a very good reply, I'll be well covered with the 850! Just need to hope it'll all fit in the case allright!
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