Do I need to upgrade my PSU?

I currently have a 450W Rosewill Power Supply that came with my case, with two 12v rails each with 20 amps. My initial build was using an Athlon 64 3200+, 1gb of RAM, and a Geforce 7600GS. Now I've upgraded to 2gb of RAM and an AMD Opteron 170. I've been having some horrible issues of crashing every couple of hours ever since I upgraded last week. Is the new Opteron sucking up too much power?

Would it be better to just get a new PSU, or get some thermal paste and go back to my Athlon 64? Or maybe my Motherboard got hosed in some way, so I'm thinking my best bet is to get a new CPU, Mobo, and RAM (and reuse the old GPU). I have picked out a Core 2 E4300, I believe that uses about the same amount of power as my old Athlon, so hopefully it works.

And as for Newegg's 7 day policy for refunds on CPUs, it mentions 7 days after the date of invoice, what does it mean by that? Because I'm hoping to get a refund on my CPU and Memory to help pay for this new system. I ordered it last Monday, so hopefully tomorrow it lets me file a refund.
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  1. Oh, and its been crashing in both XP and Vista. Initially in XP it would crash every couple of hours, then I reinstalled XP and it crashed every five minutes. So I tried Vista and its back to every couple of hours. :(
  2. I'd say it's probably the Power Supply, Rosewill PSU's are very cheaply made. I've also seen the same problem with bad RAM, so you may want to run memtest first.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I'm really unsure right now, I just ran Folding@Home overnight in Vista, and it didn't crash. I really don't know what to think.

    If its the power supply, running Folding@Home is certainly going to draw a bit more power than web browsing. (I'm normally browsing the web when it crashes)

    And, it could be the RAM, but I've run memtest and it worked just fine, and I've even taken the new stick of RAM out, and it continued to crash.
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