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I have 2 300gb wd sata drives and 2 320 gb seagate sata drives plus a 750 gb sata drive. I want to buy the gigabyte p35-ds4 m/b. Its got 8 sata ports, one controller with 6 ports and one with 2 ports. I want to set up 2 raid 0 arrays 2x300gb and 2x320gb and have the 750 gb on its own.

How should i connect them in order to get maximum transfer rates between the drives? i.e. raid0 1 to raid0 2 or any of the raid arrays to the 750gb drive and vice versa. Do i connect them all to the 6 port controller or do i go with 1 raid array on the six port (plus the 750 gb drive as stand-alone) and the second array on the other controller?

Thanx in advance
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  1. C'mon guys anyone?
  2. I have the 965-DQ6. I have 4 HDD - Connected as 2 Raid 0 arrays. I connected the two WD drives to SATA ports 0 @ 1 and Connected my 2 seagates to port 2 & 3. I use the two Jmicron sata ports for my optical drives.
  3. Whats the throughput between the arrays?
  4. Haven't run a good bench mark on them. Pass mark Perf test V5.0 gives approx 88 -> 93 MBytes for seq. Reads & 80 -> 87 MBytes for Seq. writes. Program didn't report Random resalts.
  5. You know i'm wondering if they will perform better on seperate controllers and if they will be affected by the single drive. Thanx man
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