Old "Extreme" QX6700 vs. New Quad Q6700

An article at ExtremeTech states that "the QX6700...will be around for a while, but most users won't buy one in lieu of the new CPUs." The comparable "new CPU" is the Core 2 Duo Quad Q6700, which the writer described as "really a multiplier-locked QX6700." So if that's all it is, why shouldn't I buy the older "Extreme" QX6700 (for roughly the same price)? What's better about the new chip? I do NOT overclock, so the unlocked multiplier is not a factor in my purchase decision. Which should I buy?
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  1. The QX6700 will most likely stay around $999 forever until supply runs out. I would buy the Q6600, save $264.
  2. well - ebay pricing has been around $700 for new qx6700 and lower for used. this fits well with the new q6700 pricing of 500ish
  3. if you don't plan on overclocking there is no point for you to get the QX6700 over a Q6700 unless you have money to burn and like the bragging rights of having a QX6700
  4. I had heard that on July 22nd, the QX6700 would be getting a huge price cut, to around $520. In other words, nearly exactly the same price as the Q6700. If that's true, and the price is the same, which card is preferable? I will certainly get the Q6700 if the QX6700 is more, but if the price is the same, I'm not sure which is better. I've heard the Q6700 has a lower operating temperature but don't know whether that is true.
  5. The QX6700 will still cost $999. If you have that sort of money for a CPU and really want to spend it get a QX6850 for your $999.

    The Q6700 is just like the QX6700 but with a locked multiplier and a price of $530.

    You should get a cooler anyway, regardless of which quad you get. These babies use 130W each under load and get hot.
  6. "You should get a cooler anyway, regardless of which quad you get. These babies use 130W each under load and get hot."

    Stock cooler is more than adequate at stock speeds and mild OC's.
  7. Yes it works but Id still reccomend getting a desent aftermarket cooler. Lots of heat doesnt do it or the rest of your case very good.
  8. As I understand it, because of the newer stepping The Q6700 uses less power and creates less heat. The Q6700 is rated at only 95 Watts

    Q6700 95 watts
    QX6700 130 watts

    That alone is reason enough for me to prefer the Q6700 over the older chip. I don't care at all about the unlocked multiplyer.
    The QX6700 chip is generally more expensive and all you really get is a black sticker and braging rights. Big deal!

    They really are the same chip. Somewhere along the way Intel must have decided that with the release of the Qx6800 that the Qx6700 wasn't really "Extreme" any more but they didn't want to stop producing this fine chip which still had market. Thus, they changed it's name to the Q6700. All my guesses no basis what so ever to that but I am certain that all Q6700 chips have GO stepping over the B3 stepping used in the Qx6700. I really don't know if they ever released any updated Qx6700 chips which featured the newer GO stepping.
  9. never ever ever ever EVER trust the stock cooler.
  10. Guys, seriously.


    You are replying to a post that is over a year old!
  11. Using an old thread you don't have to repeat all the old arguments.
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