need help for internal hardrive for sony vaio

I have a Sony Vaio PC G - K3158 and need desperately to add more storage. I have looked at various reviews at internal ones and like the look at the Samsung Spinpoint T166 (HD51LJ) 500GB but I am unsure as to if it will be compatable with my laptop. Or if anyone can recomend a good make for Sony's as they seem to be a bit of a pain when it comes to adding various hardware.

Also, are internal hardrives easy to install or is it easier just to get an external one??

Any help will be much appreciated!
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  1. Any hard driver should work, personally I like Seagate. Couldn't find the specs on the computer but it should have SATA connections and would get a SATA rather than ATA drive. SATA 3.0 are backward compatible if the connections are SATA 1.5. Installation is just screwing the drive into the case and connection the power and data cables. Some drives require you change the jumper setting to make a 3.0 compatible with 1.5 but this is just moving a small piece of plastic and the hdd website will tell you what to do. The manual that came with the computer should tell you the specs. If you have further questions, best to post these specs.
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