Help! DVD-RW Drive faulty

Heya people

Erm ok here goes...

Recently I put together my custom built PC and everythign works fine apart from my DVD Drive - Link:

Here is the Problem:

When trying to burn any kind of files onto a disc (and i have tried lots of different manufacturers) the drive fails to do so. Sometiems I get an error message saying that I need to burn to a Blank CD (even when it is new from a shop) or sometimes it dosnt do anything. Also, sometimes when there is a disc in the drive it fails to open when i press the button and i cant even eject it via right clicking on the drive and selecting eject, the only way i can open it sometimes is by either restarting my computer or pushing a straightened out paper clip in the hole.

Thankyou for reading and Please Help this newbie.

P.S - My email is also my MSN if you wish to add to help me out.
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  1. try different software for burning; if that fails, try a different data cable. If you still have no success, replace the drive.

    Believe it or not, the whole eject thing with having to restart the PC, I've seen before on drives that still burned perfectly fine.
  2. I will try that now and thankyou very much for your post, if all fails i will buy a new DVD-Drive, are there any you would recommend?

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