Help OCing a Biostar TForce 550 SE/ X2 4000+

Need advice

I’ve been reading other threads and other sites, but some advice specific to my situation would be nice. I’ve built a desktop for my niece, for which I’ve already exceeded my budget.

I’ve read the thread “OCing a 64 4000+ san deigo help”, which seems to have a lot of good and applicable information from “rage monkey”. But my concern is the stock heat sink and Biostar MB. Also, what temperature is it safe to let the 4000+ run at? I've checked the amd site, and they mention 52-72C, but that seems far, far too high to me.

Biostar TForce 550 SE MB
AMD X2 4000+ Brisbane
Stock heat sink
OCZ DDR2-6400 (5-5-5-12 at 2.1 volts, it was cheap)
EVGA 8600 GT
400 GB SATA hard Drive
Sony floppy
Samsung IDE DVD Burner
Antec Solo case
Going to load Vista home premium

I’ve overclocked a couple of Gigabyte P965 mbs with an E4300 and a E6600, but this is my first time with an AMD processor and a Biostar mb. My niece is going to use it for school and gaming. Any improvements I can make with overclocking, she would probably appreciate for gaming. I’m looking for a safe and stable oc, that I can set it at and leave it alone.

I’ve already put it together and I‘ve got Memtest running. This evening I’ll load Vista.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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  1. hi
    a good place to start for the 4000+ every day use imo would be 220 or 225 x 12 witch would give you 2.6 or 2.7 .thats only a 200 or 300 mhz over clock be it does make a difference in performance..

    i run mine at 2.7 for everyday and it is prime stable with a idle temp of 24c and 33c 100% load using DD water block and black iceII rad at 3.0 or higher it does get a bit warmer at load 45 or 47C

    hope that helps
  2. Thanks for the information. I've given up on the AMD stock aluminum heat sink. I've ordered a Cooler Master Hyper TX2 from Newegg. It was inexpensive and seems to have excellent reviews for a mid-range heat sink. This weekend I'll give your advice and the new heat sink a try.

    Thanks again
  3. I have 2 computers and one of the has AMD 4000+ bricane core at 3000 mhz, the most important part are cooling, so good heatsinks are mandatory, so stock heatsink for that ins no good desicition. This core have half multipliers not like windsor cpu so 4000+ have a multiplier of 10.5 and stock speed are 2.1 for mild OC like 400 mhz in your biostar you need to slow down your HT to 4X and you FSB 238. Is for sure you need to put a little more cpu voltage, stock one are 1.30 maybe +0.05 and your memory voltage to 2.1. Maybe you need yo slow down your memory speed to for 667. I live in Puerto Rico so temps here are hot but 50 celcius is not too hot for that CPU
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