need help with x19000 gt card direct x 9 performace issues

I have an adverage rig of an
Ati 1900 gt
2 gb ddr 5600 ram

3.4 ghz pentium d

okay i am having issues with my graphics card i am getting poor performance in games with direct x 9 requirements other games that require direct 8 and lower have no frame issues. b4 i had no issues until i changed my drivers from 6.4 to the latest ones. I tried going back to 6.4 and the same issues persist.
The main issue is that i am getting low frame rates in games like call of duty 2 at max and high settings in direct x9 where as in direct 7 it was faster, but b4 direct x 9 high settingsin call of duty was running smoothly at 60 fps and now its like all slow and like 10 frames . can anyone help iam a little despirate
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  1. You might have a virus or spyware infection, corrupted drivers, etc. Easiest would be to do a fresh install of Windows with the latest drivers for everything. Then if the problem persist, you know it lies somewhere in the hardware.
  2. unintsall the drivers, then use driver cleaner pro in safemode to get rid of any remaining ati files (you'll be suprised how many files are left behind). then reinstall the 6.4 drivers. see if that works
  3. Yea, thats good advice, uninstall the drivers first, download DCPro, cause the problem started when you went to the newer drivers, and going back didnt help, it was still the same. Clean it all out and then install the new drivers. Better to do this first before you fresh install windows, as this is easier, and very like;ly your problem
  4. hmmm tired that driver clean thing with driver cleaner pe, and no success, iam wondering if anybody thinks that max settings on call of duty 2 is too much for the card?
  5. If youre getting something similar to this then youre ok . Look here [ rticID=469]
  6. Hm, 19000GT... I wish that would be out yet...
  7. Dr_asik said:
    Hm, 19000GT... I wish that would be out yet...

    By the time the 19000 gt comes out, Quake 4 will look like castle wolfinstien on the Apple II plus.
  8. Well quake 4 will likely look like prince of perisa 1(the 2d one) because until then they will have figured how to make 4d games.
  9. okay heres the issue i puts on the frame counter or w/e, max out every setting in the call of duty2 game. When irun direct x 7 i get 60 frames at max, when i run iwth direct x 9 i get 6 xD is this an issue with direct x 9? can somebody iwth the same video card give me some help please, and yeah that was a typo 19000 gt xD
  10. i make a lot of them sry
  11. 60 frames max on dx7???????

    I get over 400 fps at places...(even if it is a x1950pro, it shouldnt be thaaat huge a difference)

    are you sure you dont have vertical sync on in game??? if you do, untick it and then try it again.
  12. yeah i solved my issuer it was due to the fact i was using a 6V rail instead of a 12 v rail who knew that power made a difference on performance xD
  13. COD2 runs slow on dx9, every1 plays on dx 7 :P + takes of the crap like fog and steam off the ground! Im COD2 pro tbh lol :P
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