Computer stuck in a loop wont boot up

Hello,when I boot up my Windows Vista PC says "configuring updates 3 of 3 0% completed, do not shut down" then it shuts down and reboots with the same procedure again and again. I've tried safe mode - same, tried repair mode - no result. Help please!
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  1. Try going to the MS update page, and do a manual update.

    If an update is failing, what one is it?
  2. I can't get that far - keeps looping round - configuring updates, reboots, configuring updates, reboots, config.............
  3. Try booting into safe mode with command prompt. It's a little different than safe mode. You should see a black DOS window pop up. At the command line, type rstrui.exe and press enter. This should open the system restore points. Select one from before the loop started, and proceed with the restore. Once you get back into windows, check out the update page.
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