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I have two HDDs(250GB SATA and 80GB PATA).
I'm using Windows XP SP3(on Primary C: of 250GB SATA).
I have 2x2GB DDR2 RAM.
I'm confused cos I don't know where should I set my page file and how is should be..... :??:
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  1. Often you can set it to the second drive and it will cause a minor speed increase.
    With your second drive being IDE I dont think that you will see it.
    I would leave it on the SATA drive and let windows manage it.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Usually the page file is by default on C, the same disk of your OS. But you can change this to another this, but be careful, sometimes this have some problems.
  3. Setting page file on other physical HDD will increase any performance ?

    Then setting page file on other partition but same physical HDD(except C: on same HDD) will increase any performance ?

    And can u tell me appropriate total size of page file ?
    I have total 4GB RAM(though 3.2GB cos of 32bit).

    And Windows 7 need more or same page file compare to XP?

    Please help!
    I'm a noob.....:(
  4. Maybe THIS can help you.
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