Need help - getting 1 sata drive to work on asus a7n8x with xp sp2

Hey folks, I tried searching but found only articles, not forum threads.

I know the A7n8x was pretty popular a few years back, I still have mine and am using winxp sp2, I was hoping someone could give me advice if they went through this as well.. I wanted to get a bigger HD than my current 40gb ide, but a HD that when I later upgraded my system, would still work - so a sata drive.

I'm having some real issues getting the sata to work with my board though, and I need some serious help.

Okay facts are:

1)floppy is working, floppy is good. I have the following sata files on my floppy: Si3112r system inf, Si3112r.mpd, SIISUPP.VXD, txtsetup.oem, Si3112r setup inf.

2) Bios is set to boot from sata/scsi, bios version is 1008.

3) Jumper is set to sata on

When I attempt to boot without the IDE HD connected, so I can do a fresh windows XP install, it lists no drive in the primary/secondary IDE HD spot on the post screen. After that, I hit F4 and go to the RAID/SATA option, here I briefly see the info on my SATA HD listed.

If any disks are in the drives, it asks me to remove media and then restart.

If no disks are in the drive, it begins searching DMI files, or some such thing - and never moves past that.

If I connect the IDE HD, and attempt to start up and then hit F4 to go to the raid screen, it will still boot from windows normally. I am unable to see the sata hd in my control panel then, or in the device manager.
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  1. If you are trying to do a fresh install, you need to boot from CD! If the new drive is not showing in the BIOS you have a problem. Try another SATA data cable. You DO have power cable connected? Does the new drive spinup? Hold it to your ear (does not need to be mounted in case at this point. If the drive shows in BIOS, you could clone old drive to new, then remove old and reboot. If you gave SATA!%), some SATA300 drives need a jumper fitted to limit them to 150.

  2. This is an A7N8X Deluxe, isn't it? I haven't seen one of those in a few years.

    When you try to do a fresh install from the CD, are you pressing F6 to supply RAID drivers?

  3. Thanks for the advice, I'll go over those suggestions tonight. It is a seagate 3gb but it has a setting for 1.5, which I have it set to since that is all my board will handle. I have a silencer psu so I know it's getting power, but will check to be sure it is spinning up - as I cannot see it in bios although it shows the drive briefly after post during boot.

    I have been pressing F4 or Cntrl S for raid, not F6, Ill try that as well.

    Yes, it is a deluxe. I also have a standard board a friend gave me, and it does not have a sata jumper or the sata hookpoints.

    I have tried to boot from cd without the ide drive on, but I am not getting the sata drive to install to. I know there was some difficulty in the past with people trying to get raid/sata on this board.
  4. As cklaubur said, you need to press F6 in response to "do you need to install other drivers?" The drivers are on your motherboard disk.
  5. I currently still use this motherboard
    and when you do a fresh install of Win XP you do have to press F6 and have the floppy ready.

    I still have my floppy somewhere :-)
  6. The SATA drivers needed are probably not on the motherboard CD and for sure, they're not on the XP CD. They have to be downloaded and either slipstreamed with your XP CD (creating a new XP boot CD with the SATA drivers included) or you need to copy the downloaded SATA drivers to floppy disk and then that's when you press F6 and press 's' before XP goes through most of the install process.

    Even if the SATA drivers are on the MOBO CD, you can't use them for the XP install.
  7. Thats where I made my floppy from!
    I used an existing PC and copied the sata drivers from the CD to a floppy
    Then I installed XP by pressing F6, and the drivers I copied to the floppy worked.
    I did get tired of digging out a floppy dive and did slipstream the drivers to the XP install CD
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