8800 gts power supply question

Hi all, Im new to the forum and have a problem thats really doing my head in

A while ago i bought a new graphics card, A bfg 8800gts 320mb

This is my power supply

Is that power supply enough to run that card or will i just fry it if i plugged it in?

Also on a side note my card is a 320mb but my pc is stating that its a 640
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance guys and gals

My System Specs
Amd dual core 3800+2
Alive sata2 glan mobo
Bfg 8800gts (ati 1600pro plugged in at the minute)
Winpower 700watt power supply
1 gig ddr2 667
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  1. I've never heard of this brand of Power Supply.

    That said, a quality PSU of 550W with 40Amps on the 12V rail will handle your system easily.
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