My 1200USD build for gaming that must have everything...

Basically I am trying to build a pc for 1200 dollars... it has to include everything... by everything i mean every definition of the word...

It has to include everything from the internal components to the OS, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse... I am starting at complete ground zero and trying to build a budget that can game moderately (mid to high details at 30+fps 45 preferred AA/AF/HDR not necessary)well at a 1680x1050 widescreen resolution along with storing and editing photos among other things.

This is what I am looking at so far and I really need to cut down some costs

Sorry but I have to leave urgently so I am just going to post a google docs link if you wouldn't mind

Link to my build so far...
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  1. err i'm pretty sure an 8800gts will do all that and make your breakfast.

    corsair PSU is very good but checkout
    which is also well regarded and a little bit cheaper

    I'd probably get a cheaper case
  2. like marl says, you can find a cheaper case. i see a sli motherbord but only 1 gfx.i have the same gfx and i tell u i love it. i have it running at 667/1050 and no problems. back to the your self 30$ and get gigabyte ds3 rev 1.3. the cpu..why not wait till july 22nd and get the quad 6600 for around 300$$. the hd...for that price you can get 2 250g and do raid 0, and the soundcard... you really dont need it unless you have some expensive speaker system. you really dont need a wireless unless you plan on stealing internet ^_^
  3. here let me save you couple of bucks 7f0952eb6c402d641dd1e93
  4. Hey I resent that implication with wireless cards. I have a wireless network at home. Who wants run cable when wireless is just as easy.

    I'd also prefer this HSF
  5. Ok updates

    I have heard that the dfi is good for overclocking and it isnt a sli chipset on it it only does 16x and 4x on the second

    I was also thinking about getting a p35 cheap board (asus or gigabyte for same price as dfi)

    I am using wifi because my router is gonna be two floors down (my room vs the office)

    Uhh I sort of liked the antec case because it has so many quiet fans but I might end up cutting down on the case

    I am going to wait for the 22nd and get a better 100 dollar processor than that one...

    The sound card was because I plan on getting hi-fi (100-150) range headphones and an amp but I heard vista has good onboard sound drivers so I might not get it.
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