Liquid cooling. Need help!!

Ok I am a total n00b in LC. So I was thinking about getting the Thermaltake Kandalf LCS Case that has a pump, radiator, tubing, coolant, and a CPU block. Is it a good value? How about the armor LCS? So what would be better me buying a case then water cooling it, or going and getting the set. I would not like to spend over $300 on the case+ LCS. If putting together my set is a better deal, can you recommend some stuff.

My future specs
Case= You tell me :sol:

CPU= Q6600

HDD= Raptor 150gb

Graphics Card= EVGA 8800 GTX

PSU= OCZ gamextreme 700W, or anyone elses recommendation

MOBO= Abit IP35 Pro

Moniter= 22 inch SAMSUNG 226bw, I think...

RAM= 4x1gb crucial ballistix DDR2 800 4-4-4-12 (Maybe tracers)

DVD drive= Some cheap drive (I dont really care as long as it is SATA and quiet

Thank you for reading my life story and thank you for posting :bounce:
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  1. Get two, 2 gig sticks ram instead of four 1gig's, costs more but better for OC and expansion.

    Consider buying a case and building the Water system separate.... Cost more but it will function better. Antec 900 has a lot of room in there for water but it weighs a ton...
  2. What you will find out (after being involved in watercooling for a bit) is that the various parts involved (waterblocks, rads, pumps, reservoirs, etc) are varied and plentiful. This means, ultimately, that you will move into the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) category and won't like being tied down to one set of components or company. That being said, I am quite sure that what comes with those cases as a "built-in" cooling loop would be adequate along some level - you will, eventually, see that you want to "change this" or "change that" but you might be restricted due to what the case itself used.

    Like grieve mentioned above, I would advocate getting the case and the water cooling compnents seperate from each other.
  3. Well I kind of don't have a lot of money to use on the LCS that is why I was asking if the case was a good value. And I am a n00b and won't really go crazy with the LC. The only things I could think of adding is a VGA cooler and NB cooler.
  4. Also I looked on Newegg and there isn't much sellection for 2x2gb >_<
  5. You have budgeted only $300 for the case and the Water Cooling system? Also are you very good with Modding tools? IE a Dremel and stuff like that? Also what do you want more, a nice looking case, or a good performing water cooler?
  6. 1) Yes my budget is low for the LCS and case I know.

    2) I am personally am not very good, but a few workers in my dad's shop could do some drilling or w/e

    3) I probably want a better performing water cooler then a cool looking one, but I still want it to look kinda cool!
  7. It will get you started for sure. All of the water cooling component are sub par. Upgrading the radiator by far worst component would be difficult because of the dimensions. On the other-hand if you just plan on cooling the CPU I think you'll be fine. Cooling that 8800 GTX will raise temp considerably.

    My guess is you'll be very happy with it as it's a turn key solution that will blow the doors off any air cooling solution. I personally would pass because my expectation are different.
  8. How about cooling my NB
  9. anyways a good GTX cooler costs what $100?
  10. Also is there any diff from the Kandalf vs the armor both have the LCS built in.
  11. "anyways a good GTX cooler costs what $100? "

    Not true those all in one cooler pretty much suck they have way to much restriction which means you need a more powerful pump. That more powerful pump will dumb more heat into the loop. Just cool the GPU and use ram sinks. Despite what most believe ram and chipsets don't show significant performance gains unless dropped well below ambient temps. We're talking 5% max by adding liquid cooling. In the process you kill your flow rate and add more heat to the loop. It is best to focus on where you get the most benefit. Like many things you start hitting a point of diminishing returns. In order to overcome those hurdles you would have to spend big $$$. That would exceed the cost of going to a QE based processor in first place which defeats the purpose.

    I think you're taking the right approach here. There are lot of products out there most are hype. That's not to say the don't help and add bling to your setup, but the gain for many are small.

    If you want to read up on water cooling you can go here

    Trust me though by time you out grow that setup you'll know what you want and it will be time for an upgrade.
  12. So ur saying I should get the Kandolf LCS?
  13. Yes, I think it meet your needs and your experience level. Read the article and decide for yourself. There are also some reviews on those cases that are pretty favorable. It's really all about expectations. You will get better than air performance but good custom build will be much better and unless you've got mad skills far less elegant and more costly.
  14. I know this has nothing to do with the liquid cooling question, but what would be better the OCZ gamextreme 700w or this for 20 bux more Thermaltake W0106RU 700w it has modular cables. But what one would be more future proof and quiet?
  15. I would go with a regular TT armor, and buy your own watercooling kit. TT LCS brands are good starter kits, but won't hold up too well. Try this instead:

    Total cost is around 300-320 bucks. It's a little over the budget you were asking for, but its well worth it. Otherwise, the Kandalf LCS is a good beginners kit from what I have heard.

    As powersupply wise, I'd go with the OCZ 700w. Tier 2 powersupply and has very high ratings.
  16. So will that kit give me much better performance over the Kandalf LCS?
  17. It'll last longer if anything. Thermaltake Bigwaters have a higher chance of corroding or breaking than other kits. Plus, this kit is by Petrastechshop. Highly reputed for their watercooling products.
  18. But will it give me better performance???

    Also what armor should I get there is like 4.
  19. what i did was get a thermaltake kandalf lcs and initially only changed the block, but later on i also switched my pump + vior too, this gives the the sleek look of a built-in radiator but also the performance i need, the Kandalf LCS is a tid bit better i personally think because it goes together better, if i were you, i would get the thermaltake kandalf lcs and a good water block, but make sure it isn't too restrictive, then later on when you have more money/time/experience you can upgrade your pump and resviour
  20. If $300 is your budget and you really want to get WC (especially if it's only for the cool factor) then just get either the armor or the kandolf LCS. You can always upgrade later but it's just a lilttle harder not impossible.

    If you are serious into OC'ing then get a regular full size case and a couple of WC components now, save up get the rest later and DIY.

    You make it sound like you have to do it all right now... I would build your system initially on air cooling anyway until it's stable. Trouble shooting hardware problems with WC in the way sucks.
  21. The thing is I dont want to spend more money on my computer after I make my purchase. I am only 13 and do not have a steady income so I dont know when I will be able to upgrade. I work for my dad to make my money, but it is in Hollywood and I live 30 minutes away so I can't work on school days, I only can work in the summer. I have already been working 6 days a week from the beggenning of summer and would like to after I buy my computer just do fun stuff with my friends.

    So my main ? is what will be better performance for the money? Kandalf LCS or normal Armor Case with my own custum WC setup?

    BTW I am very thankful for all the responses!
  22. a normal armour case is ?$200 and a good DIY kit for WC is ?$300, that is ?$500, however, the kandalf lcs is $300 flat, it is $200 usd cheaper, but offers performance about 10% behind, i say, for price: performance, the kandalf lcs wins hands down
  23. how about this and a Armor? Will it get better performance over the Kandalf?
  24. What Rammedstein said here are links for two of the top performers (CPU block). That a really good price for the Swiftech.

    http://www.newegg .com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16835108099&ATT=35-108-099&CMP=OTC-Fro ogle
  25. What one is better? The first? Also do you think I should get different cables or coolent.
  26. antonwalker said: how about this and a Armor? Will it get better performance over the Kandalf?

    I'd say it would be about the same, the kandalf has a 3x120mm rad, so although the pump and waterblock may be a tid bit worse, the rad is better, so i would say they are even, however, if you are planning on adding a gpu block to the loop eventually i would go for the kandalf as it has the ability to dissipate more heat.
  27. Ok how about the Kandalf Liquid cooling with the would it be good?

    If I get this what should I do with the stock CPU block?

    And should I get special coolent or cables?
  28. to be quite honest i dont know how well the liquid cooling is on the kandalf.. but anyways if you do go with it, i wouldnt cool the gpu i would only cool the cpu.

    also your missing another hard drive in your system.. buying a raptor x and filling it with games, music, movies, and other stuff will basically ruin the performance.. so get a storage hard drive as well as the raptor, except to save money get the 74 gig NCQ version... since you would also be getting a storage hard drive you dont need the extra room on the raptor.

    and to be honest im pretty sure a good air cooler like the thermalright ultra-120 would be a better choice than the kandalf lcs..

    so this is what i would do:

    1) get only 2 gig ram
    2) get a thermaltake armor (this case is absolutely fantastic, easy install and will keep your hardware cool)
    3) forget water cooling, because unless you spend $250+ its a waste of money overall
    4) get a thermalright ultra-120 extreme
    5) get this fan for the heat sink, Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F 120MM Cooling Fan

    *and just for your piece of mind, the heat sink i suggested is thee best heat sink you can get right now and its only $65 or so. This will save you time and overall the trouble of water cooling.
  29. I am going to only cool the processor. Also this is not my main computer, it will only be for games and a tiny bit of music. Also, I was origionally going to get the T Ultra Extreme 120, but then thought of watercooling because of how hot a q6600 will get. Also I am getting 4 gigs because RAM prices are gunna go up in a few months.

    But do you really think the T ultra-120 extreme will provide more performance?
  30. Hey guys do you think I should get an armor and then when it is release a phase cooler Cryo-Z. I just say an article that was made on the 13 say that ocz said it should be release by the end of Q3. It still should cost around 300 bux.
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