My DVD isn't recognized after using EasyBCD

Used EASY BCD 2.0.2 to repair my BCD as I was having trouble upgrading Vista to Win 7. Now my computer doesn't recognize my DVD. Its not listed under device manager. What did I do wrong with EasyBDD to cause this?
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  1. i would go to the devices manufacturer website and look for a firmware update for the device.
    Hopefully that will help fix your issue.
  2. How do you update the firmware if the device isn't recognized? I tried and the firmware did recognize the DVD. The DVD is powered on. Any other sugestions? Is there something in the boot sector that I could have messed up that would cause this? I'm not a computer expert. Thanks for your help.
  3. in your BIOS it could be disabled...
    usually hitting DEL, after the BIOS POSTs will bring you to the BIOS configuration screen.
    You can search through there and see if there is you can find something about your optical drive
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