RAID with no Floppy on new Intel DP35DP Motherboard

Im planning to get a new Intel DP35DP Motherboard

and Intel had another retarted moment and Pulled FDD controller off the board and not offering a cd or any help with installing RAID with no floppy for ICH9-R controller in Vista

they ship floppy disk w/ motherboard but no FDD controller WTF!!!!

they tell me to call Microsoft for help and they are dumb as a box of rock and offer no help and
every solution i find is for XP and none for VISTA witch i have

i know they call it slipstream

how can i put the drivers on the floppy on a Vista CD?

i can burn a CD or DVD no problem and make its into a .IMG or .ISO but is there a place or command i have to add to make it work ?

is there a directory i have to add files to ?

can another drive be used durning Vista Install???

Jump or thumb drive ?

any help out there on this?

let me know and thanks all
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  1. I believe Vista will allow you to load mass storage drivers from USB flash drives or other CDs during setup.

    For XP, you can slipstream the drivers into a custom XP installation CD with NLite.
  2. you can also slipstream with vista using 'vlite'. it's similair to nlite but then for vista. there are also usb floppy drives on the market that are recognised as a normal floppy drive but you will have to google for it
  3. Vista has the raid driver built in.....just set up raid in you mobo bios and install vista......viola......
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