8800 gts vs x1950 pro cross fire

which has better perfomance? as i ned 2 gfx cards i have a choice of buying a 8800 gts and a 7300 gs or 2 x1950 pro in cross fire. which will be cheaper?
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  1. Lots of questions spring to mind here
    Are you thinking of running the 7 series in sli with the 8 series because you cant.
    Do you want dx10 or not you will need to be running vista for this
    Why do you"need"2 cards
    If you can explain a bit better what you are up to then we will have more idea of how to advise.
  2. ok, sorry let me explain. i have bought a x1950 pro 256 mb. however I'm wanting to connect up 3 monitors. 2x 22" 1680 by 1050 and one 32" lcd tv. though for this i need two cards, so i can have a triple monitor set up. therefore it makes sense to buy another x1950 pro, and put it in cross fire when im playing games, but when i want a triple monitor don't have cross fire on and just use the triple monitor set up. though i was thinking of selling my x1950 pro making a £20 loss ($40) then buying a 8800 gts, so i can play games at the high resolution games at full setting on my 1680 by 1050. then i would have to buy another cheap card so i can have 3 monitors. however a 8800 gts is going for £180 the cheapest, and a 7300 gs is going for about £30, so it would cost me £130 for this option. or an extra £70 for another x1905 pro for the other option. but which would give me the better performance playing games at the resolution i stated 1680 by 1050?
    Thank you

    dx10 isn't an issue
  3. Its pretty tight as far as gaming goes depending on what games you play but i would say get the other 1950 pro as i would see the 7300 as a weak link myself.
    With 2 1950s it wont matter which one runs the 32" tv but i shudder to think how a 7300 would manage it.
  4. depending on your current mobo, i would say the 2nd 1950pro (make sure you have 2 crossfire bridges), it would give you more even performance over the three monitors and cost less (because you only need to buy oen card and possibly a new mobo), buy any 1950pro, they'll all work together,make sure you have a crossfire supporting mobo (like the 975X, or RD600 or X38, possibly even P35 because of bus optimizations in the chipset)
  5. yer im getting the p5k asus, so do you think that will be enough? or should i go for a better board?
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