cabling question- thanks folks

hi and thanks for looking.
does DVI directly convert as hdmi? I want to hook my new rig to my new hdtv and the d-sub is blocked by the wall mount. manual for tv says pc can be plugged into hdmi ok and I know there are cables out there just wondering if there will be any signal issues im not aware of. Also looking like about a 20-30" run will amps or special cables be needed?

again thanks
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  1. Youll get no sound, unless you have a 2900xt. DVI doesnt have sound, hdmi does. If youre watching movies off your rig, the video to the tv, the sound from your sound card to your amp/speakers works great
  2. This was asked before, and there are products that can combine DVI+sound input into HDMI output. I think the ones suggseted were small converter boxes. Search the forum. In terms of cable length, do you mean inches or feet? Feet would be ', but thought I'd check. 30" is no problem. HDMI cables sold in your typical electronics retailer go as long as 6' if memory serves me right.
  3. thanks guys- yeah i was talking 30-40 feet I know there are lengths that long just not sure of their peerformance. And it would be nice if i can get sound pigged right on and not have to pull 2 cables but i can if necessary. just want to avopid sig amps and such if necessary.
    Thanks for the replies as well. I appreciate it. I actually wanna get bf2142 going on my new hi def tv. soon as i get the vid cabling done I get to try and find a kb and mouse that can handle out of site (ir/rf)

  4. It's been a long time, so sorry (wasn't monitoring this thread). I am not certain, but I am pretty sure that 30" is too long for HDMI, there will be signal degradation. avsforum may be a good place to check
  5. Also make sure your card is HDCP compliant as well as your TV so they can speak to each other.
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