Building new system with old hardware

My old rig I build 2 years ago.

AMD 64 3600
AN85X AMD Mobo ture=ASUS
2 gig ram (generic crappy ram)
80 gig harddrive western digital
sound blaster card (crappy)

This coming winter I want to rebuild but keep as many parts as I can including the motherboard, hard drive, and ram. However, after some thought I was wondering if it would be wise to upgrade the cpu without upgrading the mobo? The mobo's specs include AMD 64 X2 processors so I don't think its an issue of compatibility, since I am wanting to get like a AMD 5000 (or something like that).

This is an AM2 cpu which I am assuming is compatible.

So do you recommend getting a new motherboard? Since I haven't had a dual core cpu with this mobo before I just want to avoid any headaches, you know.

I guess what got me worried about the mobo was that it isn't even listed at newegg, so I don't think Athlon even sells it anymore!

So if you recommend I dump the A8N5X, what other mobo would you suggest? Chosing a good motherboard is the hardest thing for me. I never had many problems with Athlon so I have always stuck with them. I am adverse to change :cry:
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  1. Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe all the way - can't go wrong!
  2. you have a 939 motherboard, you should still be able to pick up a 939 X2 4400+ which will keep you going a little while longer (games aren't likely to need much more than that till mid next year IMO)

    or, I've been seeing some AMD Opteron 64 170 - 939 chips kicking about for fairly decent prices

    in your post you seem to be thinking that "Athlon" are a make of mother board, but the motherboard you have is an Asus... Athlon is a type of CPU

    neither of the options listed above are particularly cheap, but are cheaper than doing a whole new system build
  3. if you overclock and you want to keep your motherboard i would recomend the opteron 170 on sct939. or an OEM x2 4200. in truth i would ditch the motherboard and ram though. DDR2 is very cheap right now (avg 100-130 USD for 2gb. and for 250 you can get a HUGE motherboard/processor upgrade. like a 5600+ on an M2N-E.
    i have an asus m2n-e (i only use 1 video card) and i LOVE it.
  4. andybird123 is correct - your best option is to buy a socket 939 chip as otherwise you will have to upgrade your mobe, CPU and RAM.

    You can pick up an Opteron 170 for a good price, and it will overclock well. If you don't fancy overlocking, get the best X2 socket 939 chip that you can afford.

    And the best news about this option is that if you do this you probably won't have to re-install Windows XP / Vista.
  5. Thanks for the tips. I think I am just going to get a new mobo. I will surf the posts here and see what are some decent builds.

    I can make a PC for my girlfriend with what I have left. She gets the hand me downs.

    But I will still look into the Opteron 170 as an upgrade for my gf.

  6. How about this combo?
    Mobo:M2N-E 022
    CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200

    OR Just upgrade the A8N5X with AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200
    And what is the big difference between X2 4200 and On Opteron 175?

    I guess I am still little confused about compatibility. So, my A8N5X can't go beyond an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200? If that is the case I think I will definately get a new mobo.
  7. your motherboard doesn't support the AM2 socket, which is why you are limited to only a few last generation CPU's that fit your board.
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