Rookie question. How to correctly install 7600GT agp?

This is probably basic stuff for most of you here, which is why I hope this is the place to have this answered. I recently bought a 7600GT AGP card for my brother's prebuilt computer, and successfully attached it to the AGP port. However, the card requires a molex cable to be connected to an unused HDD power connector. Now, what in the world is an HDD power connector? And where can I find one? If it is located on the power supply itself, there is not way the bundled power cable can reach all across the case. Do I need to shift and shuffle wires and connectors to make the cables reach the card and make it work as it should? Mind you, it does function, but I fear we are not getting out of it what we could be. Any tutorials on how to do this? Any help is appreciated!
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  1. Look at your PSU you have in the Pre-built. it should have a 4-Pin Molex connection.

    Should look like this

    You connect that to the 7600GT AGP. the Card should come with an Extension so you wont have to shuffle wires around.

    Also how much power does the PSU state? im guessing pre-built prob wont be enough for the 7600GT...
  2. Thanks for the reply! Are those things actually hanging loose in the case, not attached to anything? I will take another look in the morning, sleep deprivation is starting to hit in right about now, but I can not remember actually seeing one of those. The card came with a molex connector, about ten centimeters long, certainly not enough to reach all the way to the PSU. Would that be the extender?

    The PSU is a reputable brand, I just cannot remember which, 280W, 16A on the 12v rail. I was recommended to buy the 7600GT on this very board, giving these stats. Oh, well. ;)
  3. Yes that would be, a PSU comes with those 4-Pins built in and you should easily be able to find it. it is not something you "Plug in" in the PSU, simply idenitfy the right wire (4-Pin Molex) and connect the extension that you said you have to it(if need be) and then connect that exended wire to the 7600GT AGP.

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