PCI-E bios settings....DVMT recommended values.

Hi people,

I have an Intel D946GZTS motherboard, howver the manual or Intel websites don't really detail settings under the "Graphics settings" header in bios. It does say however that the motherboard will auto set required PCI settings, so whether or not the items below are covered I'm not sure.

I have a 7600GT and bios is set to the following settings.

DVMT mode: Fixed
IGD DVMT memory: 128
IGD Aperture size: 256
Primary Video Adaptor: Ext PCI graphics

Would these settings adversly effect my PC's performance? I only have 1 Gigabyte of RAM, so if memory is allocated to DVMT when it is not really being used, I imagine it would.

I figured the PC should be smart enough to disable RAM allocation to onboard graphics if an external card is installed, maybe it does or maybe it doesnt. Is anyone able to shed some light for me.

Thanks again

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  1. You can refer this intel's information in order to get more info. :kaola:

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