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Hi all,

I'm new to overclocking. I have a Q6600 + Tuniq Tower 120 and a GA-P35C-DS3R Mobo with Supertalent 2x1GB DDR2-800 Ram stated to run at 4-4-4-12.

I'm a little confused, after reading graysky's guide. I don't know what the DTS means, and the constant for Quads is 100? So the actual core temp is 100-DTS? Does this mean that the temps I get in RMClock represents the DTS value? So my actual temps is 100 - RMClock Temp?

Currently after touching nothing I read 43C. During idle. But my mobo BIOS temp reads around 30C? What gives?
Core clock is 1600MHz
Throttle jumps around 2350-2400

Is coreclock lower becuase i have speedstep enabled?

I think 43C on idle is high for Tuniq Tower 120!! Maybe I STILL don't know how to seat a heatsink properly.

Can someone help me out? I want to overclock this beast to 3.2GHz! (8x400) 1:1 Ram sync
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  1. First, in your Gigabyte Bios you will want to go to Advanced and disable the 3 items in there that start with CPU. They are towards the middle. These allow your cpu multiplier to drop when you are not as active on your PC to save energy and conserve heat.

    Second go to PC Health and Disable fan speed limit so you can get the full speed out of your fans. If you note the speeds and temps with it enabled and then when it is disabled you will see a significant difference.

    As for temp readings, don't trust the BIOS reading. On temp programs your overall core temp is going to be much lower then the individual cores. What you want to look at is each cores temp. I suggest downloading Core Temp or Everest. They are both very good and very reliable.

    43C on idle for a tuniq is ok overclocked. Remember that Quads run really hott and without a good water cooling solution you aren't going to get any super low temps. You can't compare Quad temps to all of the temp readings you hear from Core Duos.

    And overclocking ot 3.2..... is pushing your air cooling to the limit. Might be hard getting it stable with temps and a VCore you want. And if you do get it stable your hear output is going to be monsterous!

    What I suggest is a Simple 9 x 333. It will put you right at 3.0 Ghz. Then from there run an instance of orthros to check stability. And once you get it stable try to drop your VCore as much as possible. Take it one level down then restart and run orthros again until you get to the lowest number you can. Hope this helped. Write back and I'll try to answer any more questions.
  2. hey thanks a lot for your help djack171. I found out that my tuniq tower wasn't seated properly and after lots of trials i got it done. After I was still not happy with temps @ stock speeds, I lapped my IHS on the CPU. I was extremely concave. After this I looked at the best ways to apply TIM and after a couple tries on that, I got the lowest temps possible.

    At stock speeds 2.4GHz - Avg temp idle 36 and Avg temp load 56.
    At OC speeds 3.2GHz (8x400) Vcore 1.44 - Avg temp idle 46 load temp 67.

    This is thru loading orthos on all 4 cores. Which is highly unlikely during normal use. So I'm very happy in getting to where I wanted, however I've seen G0's oc thru the roof to 3.6+!!!! thats a 50% overclock increase!!! NUTS! Wish I had one. =(
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