Installing SATA 11/300 on a ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe Mobo

Hello all! I'm really at a dead end here so please bare with me.

Ok this morning when I turned on my PC everything was running fine. 30 Minutes late my PC flashed a Blue Screen at me, and then crashed. When I tried to reboot it keep repeating this cycle. It will get to the part where u see Windows and the loading progress bar, and the blue screen flashes again then it reboots.

I figured that my 80GB hd has finally given out on me, so I took a 40 GB from the office to see will it work. Not to my suprise the same cycle continued even on a smaller hd. So, I bought a new Maxtor SATA/300 for my ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe Mobo, but I'm difficulty on setting it up. Of course some of us knows that the M2N has only one IEE port, so i have my DVD drives on Siig Ultra/133 controller. But for some reason I cant get Windows to boot up a fresh install on either the Siig nor the main board IEE port.

When he tDVD drives are on the Siig, the bios system see them as Lite-On (which is correct), however on the main board it only sees them as CD-ROMs. I've been back and forth trying to get this SATA drive to install and wondering do I have to have a Working HD with XP SP2 for it to run? Or do I need to replace this OEM MoBo with a retail one that comes with the drivers. I have two HDs with Windows on them, but the blue screen ghost won't allow me to get into Windows.

Bios System does reads the SATA, just need to know what steps I need to take on installing it or if I need a new Mobo.

Please Help
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  1. SATA drives are set up differently than IDE drives. When you start installing Windows it will ask if you need to install other drivers to hit an F key. The driver is on your motherboard disk. By the way, does this board support SATA drives? You will probably need a new system disk.
  2. My motherboard has 6 SATA ports built in and its a OEM Mobo so no driver disk. However, I did download all the drivers to a hard drive with XP already on it, but for some reason it can't boot all the way into Windows. I'm currently using an old computer that I had dug up in my office yesterday afternoon. Ran all updates and installed SP2 along with some of the ASUS mobo drivers so it can read it. Still wont get pass the Window loading screen and then it reboots on its own.
    When I tried to reload Windows XP onto my IDE drives (Seagates 80GB main and the 160GB backup drive) I get this error after it tell me to press any key to boot from CD.

    TRAP 0000000D ================= GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT ===================

    And not only that, when I try to load up Windows on my new PC with the ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe on the SATA Maxtor, I get a black screen with the blinking underscore or the Can't find NTLDR.

    I'm stuck in a Black Hole with no Flash Light. :/
  3. OK, I'm giving up on the IDE HDs, but I need to how to install Windows XP on a blank SATA II/300 Internal Maxtor Drive. My Windows Disk Version is OEM 2002 edition and I no disk drives for my ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe. The Bios System reads my DVD Drives as well as the SATA drives, but I get a DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK & PRESS ENTER. I have the BIOS on boot CD 1st, boot Hard drive 2nd, but I still get nowhere.

    Please Help.
  4. I've not had much experience with NVidia-chipset-based motherboards, but I can give some general advice:

    1. Go to NVidia's site and see if they have a driver floppy for the SATA controller for your particular chipset. If so, download it and put it on floppy, you'll need to press F6 during Windows installation to load those drivers from floppy. Not all chipsets need to use a driver floppy like this, but I don't know if your chipset falls into this category or not.

    2. See if Asus has a BIOS update for your motherboard. Make sure the BIOS is for the exact model you have.

    3. If you want to make a C: drive that exceeds 137GB, you will need to slipstream at least SP1 into your Windows XP installation CD using a tool like nLite.

    That should get you pointed in the right direction.
  5. I went to Frys and took the SATA drive back. The tech said that one of the IC's was badly burned and got it exchanged for another one. Everything is good working order (so far) and they gave me a $10 discount card on my next purchase for my data lost.
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