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Hi, I recently built a new computer and i sold my old one. I didnt want to lose all my music on i burned all 6k songs to 6 dvds lol. I thought i could just load the dvd and copy and paste in the harddrive but it isnt working. It copies about 80 songs and then stops..I cant do 80 songs at a time with about 1000 songs per disc.. Can anyone help me or provide me with a program to rip my music to my harddrive? Thanks
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  1. sounds like a bad burn to me... does it do that for all the disks? you SHOULD be able to just copy and paste.
  2. I use the free version of dBpowerAMP to encode my music. I believe the last free version is r9.

    Below is a link to where you can download it.

    dBpowerAMP allows you to encode to OGG and FLAC files too (among other formats) if you do not like how MP3 compresses music. You'll need to their website to get the codecs though:
  3. Whatever program you use to burn DVDs you should always check off that option to verify the burn.

    But one time even after selecting "Verify" I got a bad burn. How did I know? I always try to access some of the content after the burn has been verified.

    Call me paranoid and there's no way to recover data from a bad burn. At least none that I know of.
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