Seagate 320GB SATA hard drive no longer recognized anywhere on my comp

I bought a Seagate 320 GB SATA internal hard drive and it worked fine for about 2-3 weeks, then one day my computer stopped seeing it. it doesn't show up anywhere on my computer, not in the device manager, disk management or the bios. I'm running Windows XP w/the sp2. Other than that, my computer runs completely fine. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanx.
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  1. If you are running Roxio, this may cause problems. Windows web site has answers for this.
  2. make sure you have jumper set correctly
  3. koolaidkitten said:
    make sure you have jumper set correctly

    Shouldn't be using a jumper with SATA.

    Open up your case and make sure all cables are connected. In my computer at least, the power and SATA cables have a tendency to get knocked out easier then IDE ones. If they are plugged in, and still no-go, put the drive in another computer... just to see if it works.

    Unfortunately this is going to be almost certainly a dead drive if none of the above tips work.
  4. SATA drives often have jumpers to allow you to select SATA 1,5Gbps or 3,0Gbps operation (SATA/150 and SATA/300). Normally SATA/300 would be backwards-compatible. But in some combinations this does not work properly, and unless a 1,5Gbps jumper is set on the SATA drive the system would not recognise it.

    This only applies to older systems with 1,5Gbps SATA ports while connecting a newer 3,0Gbps SATA harddrive.
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