1950xt or 8800gts 640?


Seems like 8800 gts aren't worth it getting now, after 5 month nvidia is releasing there 8900 series and not to say there isn't any direct x 10 games are out currently until november 2007 - crysis,gear of wars,etc
I think it would best to get an 1950xt for now? what you guys think!!!
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  1. what do you currently have?
  2. my current computer slow as hell, I'm getting new computer on july 22 q6600,GA p35 DS3R , 2gig corsair 8500 ram,500gb hd, Samsung 22 inch monitor,thermaltake 750 psu, 120 extreme heatsink.
  3. yes,you are smart,get the 1950 and wait for better dx10 hardware
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