Windows XP SP2 installation takes too long

I just formatted my HD after a virus big problem and reinstalled windows home edition in a Toshiba satellite Laptop apparently everything was Ok but after installing all Toshiba drivers I started to update windows, and Automatic Updates is taking too long more than usual!, I stopped it restarted the computer and tried to install again from automatic updates but it just stops and is not giving me any Overall progress green bar, I went to the task manager application and it says that is running.. I'm thinking in a HD physical damage but it also can be a wrong SP2 installation that is missing something, how can I uninstall corrupt SP2 files in order to get a clean SP2 reinstallation?

any Ideas?

Fco. Lara
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  1. Go to the update page, and look at your download history. Are there some updates failing?

    Which update is running that is taking so long?
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