2900xt vista problems still

I've had the 2900xt for awhile now and I was having problems with its performance under vista 64. I've downloaded the latest drivers and it still really sucks in vista... Then I though it might have something to do with the 64 bit version of vista since I havn't heard of other people having these problems... So now I just installed vista 32 and I'm still having the same performance issues... So far all games work great under XP... but this is going to really piss me off when I want to get a game for vista only.

Anyone have any idea on what I can do to fix this problem?
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  1. It has to be this video card with vista since all games worked slightly better than xp or just as well under vista with my previous video card. The card works fine under xp but my fps is halved or worse in games under vista.
  2. I guess its the price we pay for best new hardware/software. I was on Vista for about four months since its release and I really wanted to like it so I gave it a fair chance. But in the end I ended up going back to XP. I've been on XP for about 2 months now but I won't go back to Vista until things smooth out.
  3. I'm not sure which one to blame for the problems... vista or the card. It seems odd to me that most people havn't had problems with this card and vista yet I'm having 'em.
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