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Computer shut down, won't boot up again

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July 19, 2007 3:13:27 AM

I have a homebuilt computer about 2 years old. Maybe less, maybe more.
I was on it running World of Warcraft when it just all of a sudden shut down.
I tried turning it back on and all that came on were the fans. It has 7 fans running to keep things cool, not including CPU fan and Video fan. So I am pretty sure it didn't overheat.
I am running Windows XP, Geforce 6800 GT video (AGP), Gigabyte motherboard, 1 gb ram DDR 400, 80 GB hd, and a wireless modem. I also have a DVDRW.

What I have done so far.
Thinking at first it was just a windows glitch I tried removing power and reapplying.
No good.
I pulled the video card out and powered up, but did not receive any beeps. So, I put the video card back in.
I pulled one stick of ram just in case it could be that and still no good.
So I basically started disconnecting everything to randomly see what could be the problem. No dice.

Figuring the worst, I found a good replacement motherboard and CPU for a good price online and bought em.
With the new pieces I bought, I began installing everything.
With everything back in, I confidently turned the computer back on and....nothing.
Same problem.
The power turns on, fans run, but doesn't go beyond that.
I started over removing things to see where the problem could be.
I tried a different video card, a new power supply, tried using onboard video, replaced the hard drive, disconnected the DVDRW drive, pulled all the fans loose except for the CPU, disconnected all the motherboard connections that aren't really needed.
The only things that remain the same right now are the case, and the ram. And, of course the hookups internal.
The fans still run, hard drive keys up but nothing else happens.
I am at a loss. Right now the best guess I can come up with is the ram, although both sticks going bad at the same time with the same effect?
I know anything is possible, but the chances are way out there.
I also took the older power supply and put it in another computer and it worked fine.
If anyone can offer some insight or assistance I would appreciate it.

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July 19, 2007 4:14:15 AM

Well, after reading a few of the threads, I broke my system down to it's base components on an anti-static mat and powered up with just the power supply, motherboard, and ram.
I had the pwr switch hooked up and the speaker.
I did not get any beeps from the speaker (checked polarity just to be sure).
I did get power to the fans. As I mentioned this is a new power supply same as the other one.
At this point my best guess is that the ram is bad. Both sticks, as I tried them both and didn't have any luck.
I did this with the new mobo.
I will try the one that failed to begin with to see if I have the same results.
I am not familiar with ram failure so wouldn't expect it would keep the thing from booting up at all. Not only that, but both sticks being bad.
I did also try resetting the cmos to no avail.
July 19, 2007 5:22:13 AM

Did you try to boot with no ram and/or CPU, as the Motherboard should still beep with out Ram. (Do one at a time) If no beep MOBO is dead. :( 
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July 19, 2007 8:09:22 AM

if you reboot without the cpu most likely you'll get no error but like martyjs said boot with no ram and you should get error beeps. if you don't since you've switched mb and cpu make sure you case speaker is connected. also if you used your old powersupply on your replacement parts there is a chance you may have damaged them as well
July 19, 2007 8:18:46 AM

...power supply perhaps?
July 19, 2007 12:31:38 PM

In your search I am sure you found my old post. Dude it was weird reading your post, exact same thing happened to me one day, even playing the same freakin game. I got a blue screen and that was that. When I would power on, the fans would spin up but just a blank screen. After 2 motherboards and a CPU I finally have a system that has been stable for a few weeks. In your case you got a new mobo and CPU, so yeah it has to be RAM. make sure you have RAM that will post at 1.8V, buy a cheap stick and try it. Some mobo's on the initial post will not work if the RAM is incompatible. Good luck man, it was a frustrating ordeal for me, and now that I am stable, I am not touching it for now... :p 
November 17, 2009 1:31:04 AM

i have the same problem but it will run with the fans for about 5 seconds then shut down