SLi 8800 320MB is it worth it

SLi is it worth it?

Currently have a 8800 320MB card thinking that it needs just a bit more power -- would recommend getting another one and working in SLi or a new card -- KIV cost, performance and the 9 series.

I can find lots of opinions about SLi but hardly any benchmarks-----

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  1. hey

    firstly,i have never been an advocate of the multi gpu solution.i think for what it costs you just arent getting the due performance.toms has posted various benchmarks,just check out the vga charts,the link is located on the homepage.

    if you really want more performance right now,then i would suggest pawning off your 320mb 8800gts and investing in a 8800 gtx,8800 gts 640mb or even a 2900xt.depending on just how much more perfromance you are looking for and how much more you are willing to spend.i would say in your case it looks like you would benefit most either from the gtx or the 2900

    p.s alternatively you could try overclocking your current 8800gts
  2. be aware that with the 320, and game that needs more than that for textures still won't run well if you SLI - in fact GRAW2 won't even let you select "Textures: High" as an option with less than 512mb

    selling the 320 and getting a GTX would be a much better solution
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