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sorry if this is worng to ask here, i dont see a forum on their site for this kind of question and im really hopeing someone here knows the answer.

i am a really crappy typer/speller and that will never change.

im getting an ssd for christmass, and im moving to 8gb of ram and win 7. in the past with using dragon, load times were horrendous, but once up its manageable, but what was worst was after a long idle period, it would move off ram or something and take up to 10 minutes to get back to running, im wondering if ANYONE has experiences, either with this on a ssd, or with this program on a hdd but tons of ram, if these problems still exist, for me right now this is just a complete shot in the dark and i am barely expecting a response.
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  1. I run Dragon 11 on one machine with win 7 and an ssd and it runs very well.
  2. i know that the initial start up runs great, but it was over the coarse of a 4 hour~ span of not using it, that on my system (hdd, win xp, 3gb ram) that getting it to go again took a good 10 min, and shutdown to start up was a good 5 min... im ok with an innitial start up, but its the whole when i want to use it, say 1 hour from the start up, it takes forever to come up.

    are you able to confirm that it doesnt do that crap? also how much ram do you have, as every detail i can get helps.
  3. I have 4gb ram (win 7, hdd) on the system running Dragon 11 and I have left it on overnight with no noticeable problems.

    Next time that you get that behavior open the task manager and look to see what the memory usage is for each application and process and you should know for sure what one(s) are the problem.
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