higher ram mhz (frequency) results in weird result

my setup is e6750, p35-ds3r, 2x1 g.skill pair that uses d9, when i increase ram frequency, the performance increase is huge comparing to a change on the cpu clock speed. for example, i notice that when i play bf2142, the fps is alot higher when i have the ram running at 1080mhz (450x2.4), 3.15ghz (7x450) than when i have it set to 3.6ghz (8x450), ram running at 900mhz (450x2). is it because bf2142 is a game that uses alot of memory bandwidth? my ram won't be stable when it is running at 1000 or more mhz
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  1. It seems that BF2142 benefits more from fast RAM than more processing power.
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