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Hey guys. I am looking to replace my faulty mobo. I dont have a tons of cash, so I am looking to use my current CPU with the new P6N SLI-FI that i am going to buy. My problem is this .. I currently own a P4 2.4Ghz and according to the MSI site the P6N SLI-FI works with "Supports Socket 775 for Intel Core2 Quad, Core2 Extreme, Core2 Duo, Pentium 4 (Prescott, P4EE), Pentium D, Pentium XE/Celeron D processors in LGA 775 package " .. I dont know if my P4 is Prescott or P4EE ( dont know what P4EE is ) .. will my CPU work with it, and how can I find out if its a prescott or P4EE? Thank you.
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  1. You can download CPU-Z here:

    When you run it the CPU section will give you all you need to know about your CPU. The most important part is what socket\package it is to determine what mobo you need.
    There are\were three P4 sockets: 423,478 and 775. 423 is dead and burried, 478 is dead and the grave is dug, 775 is alive and kicking and hopefully what you have :D allthough I think 2.4 means you have 478. If so there are still mobo's to be had (atleast second-hand) but your choice is very limited. P4EE is AFAIK an Extreme Edition and if you had one you would remember because of the price you paid for it :p .
    So run CPU-Z and if you're still unsure post what it says here and we'll try to help you out.

  2. Thank you for your help. As I suspected it is indeed a 478. The thing that cought my eye, is when I ran it on my "better" machine (p4 2.8ghz) it says the FSB is only 200, but rated FSB is 800. Did i set something wrong in my bios? Thanks.
  3. You're welcome. The 200/800 FSB is normal as Intel has a Quad pumped FSB meaning it can theoreticaly access memory four times per clock so the 200 actual FSB becomes 800 rated FSB. As for the socket 478, there are some mobo's listed here: 0&bop=And&SrchInDesc=478&Page=1

    but make sure to get it for pentium 4/Celeron as there is a new CPU type(mobile?) that's also specified as socket 478 but those are not compatible.

  4. thank you. You have been very helpful. I appreciate it.
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