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Problem with New Build after Installing All Hardware

Last response: in Systems
July 19, 2007 3:41:44 AM

Hey, I am having a problem with a new build. This is my second computer build, so I am a n00b.

The problem is that after I have got all the hardware connected and plugged in, I started the system and get no graphics. Now, I have a 8800GTS in the system, and a 24" monitor connected via DVI, but I am getting a no signal on the screen. On top of that, the mouse and keyboard do not appear to function, either.

All that tends to make me think it may be a bad MoBo, but I have four fans in the case and LED lights on the MoBo that are all working. Even the fan on the 8800GTS is working. I am at a crossroads trying to identify what could be wrong. I don't want to purchase more hardware if it is unnecessary, but do not know how to limit the search anymore.

The only other thing I think it could be is the CPU (C2D 6600), and when installing the stock heatsink, it appeared to be very loose. I am wondering if that could be the problem. I have no test equipment to check voltages or anything like that, so can not actually identify currents through the system (if suggested).

My hardware is: EVGA nForce 680i SLI mobo, E6600 C2D, 2GB OCZ DDR2 memory, LiteOn SATA DVD Writer w/Lightscribe, 2x 400GB Seagate HDD, XFX 8800GTX Video Card, Silverstone 1000W modular PSU, and an ACER 24" 1920x1200 monitor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
July 19, 2007 11:01:34 AM

Heatsink is supposed to be very tightly clamped to CPU!! You are supposed to push on the securing pins so that they click into place. all 4 MUST click and lock down.

July 19, 2007 11:11:22 AM

Do you hear any beeps when you boot up? make sure your pc speaker is connected to be able to hear them.
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July 19, 2007 12:16:21 PM

The heatsink is set in the correct place and locked down, but it still appears to be slightly loose. I worked on it for about 45 minutes to see what I could do to tighten and can find no way to get it any tighter.

Ancalagon, thanks, I did not have any speakers hooked up to it, so I will try that and see if I get anything.
July 19, 2007 12:20:35 PM

yeah, as mentioned above you have to push pretty hard on the heatsink pins to get them to lock down, also it's a good idea to do opposite corners first, otherwise if you do 2 on the same side it makes it all the more difficult to get the other 2 to lock down

also, graphics cards can be notorious for not seating properly, try taking it all the way out and putting it back in, trying to ensure it is seated properly (I had a PC once where I did this 3 or 4 times in the end and eventually it worked)
July 19, 2007 12:30:56 PM

oh about the speakers I meant the kind that produces irritating beeps and is found in the case, not the external ones you listen to music on.