X1950 pro + a33g + Vista = Extreme Slowdown

Hi guys,

I just upgraded my PC yesterday and something very odd is happening. After installing the Catalyst drivers for my X1950 pro (that work very well in the old setup) my system become extreme slow. Even the mouse pointer!! It is simply impossible to open a web browser for example. But after uninstall the video drivers the system returns to function normally.

That´s my old setup:
Asus A8N-E
1gb (512x2 Kingston Value)
Radeon X1950 pro
Athlon 3800+ Venice

And that is my new setup
Pcchips A33g (I know, you don´t need to say anything about this :) )
2gb (1gbx2 Infineon)
Radeon X1950 pro (same as above)
Athlon X2 4000+

Do you have any suggestions??

Thanks in advance.
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  1. What version of the ATI drivers are you using?
  2. I tried both 7.5 and 7.6.
  3. Did you uninstall any previous drivers?

    Did you change power supplies?
  4. Yes, I made and clean install of windows vista after the upgrade. And I completelly unistalled the previous 7.5 drivers before trying 7.6.

    I have a Seventeam 420W power supply. I think thats enought. My previous CPU was a 89W venice and my new CPU is a 65W.
  5. PSU should be good enough. Can you link me to your motherboard?

    I would open the case and make sure everything is plugged in properly and re-seat everything. It almost sounds like the 6pin PCI-E connector is not fully plugged in.
  6. TSIMonster,

    I checked the 6pin PCI-E connector and even changed the power chord but the problems remains.

    Sorry but I think I didn´t understand "Can you link me to your motherboard?"

    Do you think formatting the HD can help?
  7. I was wanting to see the exact motherboard you bought. Did you buy it online? I'll goto PCChips website and see if I can find it.

    A fresh install is never a bad idea, but you used driver cleaner, so that shouldn't be the problem.

    How many Hard Drives do you have? and what are your 12volt specs on your PSU?
  8. I have this same motherboard and the exact same problem. I've tried three different video cards just to make sure it wasn't a video card problem - all with vista compatible drivers. I've done all the latest updates for every piece of hardware and made sure vista was updated with all the latest updates. Nothing fixes the issue.

    I can run vista with the "standard vga driver" installed (no 3d acceleration of course = no aero or games). As soon as I install the correct driver, everything comes to a molasses slow down. I contacted PCCHIPS about it and first they blamed it on the video card, then they blamed it on Microsoft. It really makes no sense, the only out of the ordinary thing I can see is that when you enable the correct driver for the video card, it assigns it an IRQ of of some insanely high number... something like 690001f

    This same set-up works perfectly with XP.
  9. lol, use XP is my solution to your problem.... haha
  10. yarr,

    The problem is that f*c*i*g pcchips :fou: . I just retuned it to the store and took an Asus M2N-E SLI and my dreams become true. Every single thing is working perfectly!!

    Thanks for everybody help! Problem Solved!
  11. I think the latest bios update for this motherboard may have finally fixed this issue. Anyone tried it?!
  12. Problem is with VGA adapters on the bios. My Radeon 3850 ran worse than the standard vga adapter, just like everyone else.

    I ran it today and the update fixed it. No more lag, no more disgusting slowdown. It's only only updatable on a dos boot disk, but it all works. Fancy. Here's a link to the BIOS update: http://www.pcchips.com.tw/PCCWebSite/Downloads/ProductsDetail_Download.aspx?detailid=381&DetailName=Bios&DetailDesc=&CategoryID=1&MenuID=6&LanID=2

    It has a nice little walkthrough for flashing the BIOS too. Took me a while to find a floppy disk in my piles of crap, but now my systems running like a charm.
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