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I have a Dell XPS 400 that I purchased years ago, and since have built me a new computer and gave this one to my wife. Well this computer is now riddled with viruses, and even trying multiple programs (Maleware bytes, AVG Free, SuperAnti Spyware, Avast, Ec.) I have not been able to clear off all the viruses and they keep reappearing. Also when I try and go into safe mode my computer goes into a blue screen. She really messed it up lol.

Anyways, now im kinda in a predicament. I looked all over but I do not have the restorations disks that came with this computer, and upon calling dell, they said my service has ran out for them to help me for free and want me to pay then 50-60 dollars for a new disk.

So now im wondering if there is something else I can do? I tried to find torrents that had this particular disk, but the couple .ISO files I download and used them, they wanted me to enter a CD key, which I don't have. So now im stuck, is there anything else I can do? I really don't want to pay 50 dollars for a restore disk. :pfff:

Here is one of the .Iso torrents that I tried to use. Not sure why its asking me for a CD key though since my key should have been pre activated since its a dell disc and a dell computer.
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  1. Just borrow a Dell Windows XP (Home or Pro depending what's installed on the computer) CD from someone.
  2. I don't think anybody I know has a dell. Is that about the only option I have left? Either find a friend with the disk or buy a new one?
  3. you should be able to call dell's customer service and order a set of restore disks for 10 - 12 dollars. be sure and have your pc model # and serial # ready when you call them.
  4. I already did that, and they said buying the restore disks was going to cost me 130 dollars, or if I wanted to renew my warranty with them, then I could do that for 60 dollars and they could send me the disk for free.
  5. i agree ebay has them cheap!
  6. it's ashamed that dell want's so much $ for a pc so old. try posting it on craig's list.
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