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BSoD on Video Driver Uninstall

OS: Win7 64
CPU: E8400 3.0 GHz
Mobo: Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
Video: Radeon HD 6850 1 GB
Memory: 8GB 800Mhz Duel Channel
Hard Drive: 200 GB Western Digital
PSU: 650w Corsair
Old Drivers: 11.11 (I think cant remember for sure)
New Drivers: 11.12

Not sure what exatly the problem is but I was keeping my video drivers upto date like I usually do. I download the latest drivers from the AMD site. Unintalled the old drivers and rebooted in safemode and ran Driver Sweeper. I then rebooted and installed the new drivers and rebooted again like I always do usually with no isses.

However, this time I went to uninstall the CCC like I always do and about half way through I got a blue screen. So I was like WTF? (btw this is the first BSoD I have gotten since my old comp that ran Windows ME about 10 years ago or so.)

So, my computer restarted. I ran driver sweeper in safe mode and installed the new drivers. I had an error after installing the new drivers. So I clicked the "view log" and it said everything was successful. At the bottom of the page it had "Errors" and nothing was there.

So I was like well... So I tried to uninstall the drivers again to see if I would get another BSoD and it did it again... So I continued to run Driver Sweeper and installed the new drivers like I would normally do and had errors again after the new install. Like before it showed everything installed successfully and at the bottom of the log page it had the "Errors" and nothing was there.

So what should I do?
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  1. Try to perform the system restore.
  2. Sometimes it clean's little too much : )
  3. Yeah I have a back up on the 19th, but I think it got screwed up the last time I installed drivers back in November. I think I'll just reformat (kind of needs to be done anyways).

    Thanks for the reply.
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    I would reload the Win7 as well : )
  5. Yea, I just got done reformatting everything seems to work :)

    Thanks for the help.
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  7. Good luck!
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