Error at startup....

Hello people,

For the last few days, my computer does not start up properly.

When i start my computer i get the glowing icon thing and it's very laggy
After that i get a black screen which normally has to get the "welcome" thingy and the spinning wheel.
After that it shows my desktop background and then nothing, No cursor, No taskbar, No icons, just the background image; even control alt delete screen is black! I've managed to start it up with old config for a few times but now even that does not work anymore. In safe mode, the screen pops up normally.

What is causing this problem and how do i fix it? I cannot find the answer using google.

Help is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. please help me.. POST
  2. spike2147, If it boots up normally in Safemode, then may be with running programs at startup.
    Use this website along with Windows Connfiguration Utility (Click Start, Run, type in msconfig, click OK, then go to the Startup section). The link will allow you to safely stop unneeded programs from starting each time you reboot safely, as shutting down needed Windows programs will be detrimental to your system. As you safely stop these unneeded programs from starting at rebooting Windows you will be scolded by windows with a prompt, but ignore it and MAKE SURE you check at the bottom of the prompt "Do not ask me this again" or something to that effect.
    also, a good suggestion would be to clean out your system of junk files, to which Ccleaner is the best I know of out there. Please, be aware at installing Ccleaner to uncheck the toolbar it has to install.
    Defragment your hard drive at least 1x/weekly.
  3. Hey Garry,

    thanks for ur reply, but i think you didn't read it right.
    My computer starts up normally like another computer, first the glowing windows icon, but only the "welcome" screen with the spinning wheel does not show up, it's black. After that i see my background image and nothing more, no icons, no menu start etc. Even the control+alt+del menu is black.
    Could it be possible that file which has those menus is corrupted? or does it has to do something with another process?

    please let me know,
  4. Seems if it starts properly in Safemode, but not in a regular boot, it is not a startup issue, but something else.
    Please run the the System File Checker to see if this will resolve your issue.
    1. Open a elevated command prompt.
    2. Type in sfc /scannow
    This scans the integrity of all protected system files and repairs the system
    files if needed.

    If no success, then repair your startup.
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